We are very excited for you to join us on our virtual platform for engaging lectures provided by a wonderful group of speakers. 

If you have registered for this event you will receive an instructional email before the conference starts.


Our online platform is called Webcasts. It is a simple platform and does not require any downloads, just an active internet connection. Please watch this informational video!

Please click on the buttons below to access your portal. There is a separate link for ODs and Paras: please save your link!




Although you are registered for Fall Seminar, you will need to create an account on the Webcast system in order to access the lectures. Creating your account is easy, all you’ll need to do is give your name, email address, and OE tracker number (ODs) or designation (Para/Staff). Please use your full, legal name and NOT a nickname.

These are simulated LIVE courses that are time-stamped from the time you enter the course until the time that you leave, or the course ends. Your credit will be sent to ARBO (ODs) and certificates will be mailed as needed (Para/Staff). Leaving early or switching courses while in progress will void CE credit.


Each course will have a chat function at the bottom of the screen, this will allow you to ask questions that the speakers can respond to and answer. Please be respectful and professional in the chat. We encourage the use of the chat as speakers will be online and available for the duration of each course.

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